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About SIG

Sunset Investment Guyana

Sunset Investments Guyana (SIG) is a young company registered in Guyana and wholly-owned by a Guyanese. It focuses on providing superior service in the areas of real estate development, financial and agency services.

SIG has a strong grasp of the Guyana market and more specifically on the mechanisms of doing business in Guyana being owned and managed by locals and having had experience in Government business.


  1. To assist individuals and businesses in pursuing their investment interests in Guyana through the provision of superior agency services to our clients, guiding them in the right direction.
  2. To provide information to clients seeking investment opportunities in Guyana.
  3. To provide information and assist foreigners and local persons who are interested in taking advantage of Guyana’s capital market.
  4. Purchase and sale of land for the purpose of real estate development and purchase and sale of the property.

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